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Versión completa: How to get DragonBound.net news to your email and be the first one to know?
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Idea DragonBound.net official news and announcements will be posted here - subscibe to this forum to get them directly to your email as soon as we post them.

How to get news to my email?
Subscribe to this forum:
1. Go to the forum.
2. Click here: [Imagen: yLRWrVo.png]

How to stop getting news to my email?
1. Go to the forum.
2. Click here: [Imagen: CAR7ndA.png]
Ok ok estoy en esas
excelent idea the forum!
Thank you.
yara oe
DN can you also put in the lower right side in DB a guild chat box for guild members.. suggestion only!!!!
en en curso!
lindo el foro
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