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Rate maps to help others know which are the good maps.
Highest rating maps may be added as official DragonBound maps to the game.

1. Go to forum display:

2. Click 1-5 stars on the "Rating" column. (1 = bad, 5 = good)
[Imagen: YOifQCL.png]
ah! ok ok
Okay Big Grin
Damn... I didn't wanted to rate Clouds map with 1 star, is there any possibility to change it to 5 stars?
5 stars please.. always .. hahaha
Ok, then I star!
yo tambien publique mi mapa en esa categoria no sale Sad
This forum threads are now sorted by rating.
High rated maps will appear first.
muy bueno eh, asi se puede ver cuales son los pots de interes.
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