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It looks like the forum is pretty dead, but i see that some gms occasionally post things so i will give it a shot.

things that could help improve the game:

1. create a button for rooms so that they can be held / asleep for limited amounts of time. this way, users can pay for guaranteed times for sleeping rooms and db can make more money. this is a feature that is already being paid for by users to designated other players knowns as "madrugadores", but i have noticed that, set with correct limits, db can make money, madrugadores aren't able to abuse their power-- which would make the game more balanced, and users won't have to feel so stressed about taking care of rooms. to be more specific, i may start by giving each account the ability to pay cash to sleep a room for 1 hour a week and i would a/b test to see how this goes or if the time should be extended. it could go as far as being a game feature that you can put your room to sleep at night by paying and this way db could cash in on what users are already paying.

2. it seems like there is a lot of abuse and corruption with gms. i have noticed that it looks like the problem is being addressed because of the high turnover in gms and i understand that it's difficult to find reliable people, but the game definitely needs them to moderate and do their gm duties. i think there needs to be more gms holding more events and moderating abuse (punishing players who break game rules, moderating users of bots, i would even go as far as saying that anti-gamers or players with bad intentions such as creating clones to steal rooms should be punished. people who maliciously speak towards others should also be punished). the game becomes un-fun when things are unbalanced, lacking order, and people abuse their power.

3. the additional guild features such as increased guild size have been listed as "coming soon" for over a year. these features seem easy to implement so i'm not sure why there is such a delay for this. i think holding more guild prix (both on and off) would also be fun. the current dynamic for this is stressful because it's so focused on bans / bots / paying other players to play. the bot issue is definitely killing the game. there are some straightforward ways to greatly decrease the usage of bots, but it is clear that the gms are not software developers and cannot get a grip on the situation. there should be an increased frequency in guild prixes (including guild prix off) so that regular users can enjoy playing as well. the game needs to be fun for everyone-- not just the select few who are able to pay.

4. there should be a "design clothes for db" contest. where users can submit designs of new avatars to be added and the selected receives a prize or fame for designing the clothes.

5. creating accounts with the same name for the sole intention of stealing rooms / impersonating another person should be illegal. this is only a mal-user causing trouble and decreasing the experience for all.

6. i would like to one day see the forums be revived with moderators. if players gave feedback and were heard when there is gm corruption or when bots are being reported, the overall game would become more stable and people would not feel so disincentivized to play.

due to some of the reasons i listed above (players having more power and abusing it, bots, gm corruption /confusion / lack of knowledge or power), it is obvious that the game is slowly dying. really, i would suggest trying to minimize the issues that i've listed and then, when things are more under control, market more within peru / vietnam (the main countries that are playing) and then also try to other countries like the united states. there are many people who played gunbound back in 2010 or so who would like to revisit their childhood. i know this is a stretch, but i like to think big.

anyway, it is unlikely that this post gets a lot of traction due to everyone speaking spanish, but by writing in english, i hope to attract the correct audience.
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